Attending the Races for the First Time

We all been somewhere for the first but going to the track for the first time can be overwhelming. We recommend that you arm yourself with some essentials.  We recommend that upon entering the track you purchase a daily racing program, local tip sheet and a copy or online version of the Daily Racing Form. You will need to spend around fifteen dollars for all the information that you should need and use  during your day at the track.

So now you have these bought, what did you purchase and why?

The daily racing program contains the entire racing card for that name. It contains the horse names, post position, race information, jockey and trainer names, and morning line odds, which are pre- race odds establish by the tracks handicapper.

You also purchase what is called a “tip sheet”. Tip sheets provide insight information and provide guidance advice on betting each race.  Most tip sheets are authored by local knowledgeable handicappers and are quite helpful.

The Daily Racing Forum is a great tool to dissect the horses within a specific race. You will find past performances of each horse most recent races, Beyer Speed figures, jockey and trainer names, everything you need to know about each horse on the racing card.

Some betting tips, the “hot jockeys” win most of the races since they are usually on the top horses, the inside 3 post positions have the highest number of horses on the board, which is running either first, second or third, and top trainers usually have the top horses.

Enjoy!!  your first day at the races.


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