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We offer multimedia courses designed to simplify complex telecommunications technology into easily understandable knowledge units.

Each fully integrated e–Digest builds on knowledge progressively and proficiently. Students are guided through the inter–relationships of technologies, network elements, applications, issues and resolutions.

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Pick and Choose from any of the 230+ courses in the TRA e–Library of technology training. Designed for students who know exactly what topics they are interested in.

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TRA's e–Digest Library is designed for the student who is not quite sure what they are looking for and not quite sure where to find it. To begin, select a curriculum from those listed below that interests you.

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Virtual Classroom Experience–vILT

TRA's virtual Instructor–Led Training is an interactive learning experience with focused content. Each session provides direct engagement between the instructor and the student. TRA offer's vILT experience in each of our curricula as well as custom–tailored vILT solutions.

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Our Curricula

Broadband Networks

Consumers’ need for increased bandwidth never diminishes. To keep pace, broadband technologies are required. TRA's Broadband Networks curriculum provides courses that explain the switching and transmission technologies used by service providers offering broadband services. Courses within this curriculum describe Digital Subscriber Line, Public Ethernets, Frame Relay, SONET/SDH, Optical Systems, the merger of IP, and optical and broadband applications, such as Video on Demand. Students will gain practical knowledge by taking the courses found within TRA's Broadband Networks curriculum.

IP Networks

IP Networks is the fastest growing area of communications, being deployed in landline and wireless environments. TRA's IP Networks curriculum provides courses which help students keep up with new information. Courses found within this curriculum offer broad and deep coverage of IP technologies and networks, such as TCP/IP, IP routing, the basics IP networking, details of VPNs, MPLS, Quality of Service, Voice over IP, IP Mobility, e-Commerce, IP Security and IPv6.

Network Fundamentals

Are you a new member to the telecom industry or do you just want to “brush up” on the basics? TRA's Network Fundamentals courses provide an introduction to a broad set of communications and networking topics, relative to, voice, data, and video movement, over wired, wireless or fiber networks. Courses within this curriculum serve as pre-requisites for more advanced courses found in other TRA curricula and, therefore, may be found within their respective technology-specific curriculum.

Core Networks

Voice communication and data communication have traditionally been very separate – different networks, different services, and different technologies. This has changed, as voice and data converge at all levels. Today, networks are designed to carry voice, data, and video media, resulting in innovative mixed media services. Critical to all of this, are the underlying core technologies essential to the evolution and convergence of mixed media in communications networks. TRA's Core Networks provides thorough coverage of switching and signaling technologies, found within the core of carriers' networks.

Wireless Networks

Working from a wired, desktop is no longer standard in today’s mobile world. Professionals expect and demand to be able to work from multiple locations. TRA's Wireless Networks curriculum houses courses for students to learn about all things wireless. This curriculum provides in-depth information for wireless technology, by addressing the technology basics, terminology, evolution of cellular networks to 4G, LTE, wireless 802.11 LANs, Wi-Fi, WiMAX MANs, demand for wireless data, emerging wireless standards, and interworking among wireless networks, as well as, landline networks.

Emerging Technologies

There is no doubt, new communications and networking technologies are always emerging. The internet is changing the way applications are used and keeping current with the changes can seem complicated. TRA's Emerging Technologies courses help students sort through the complexity and challenges shaping technology and business today.

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