Tax Issues?

We’re Here to Help.

TRA helps individuals and businesses in need of tax resolution, preparation or planning

Tax Issues?

We’re Here to Help.

TRA helps individuals and businesses in need of tax resolution, preparation or planning

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Tax Resolution Experts

At Tax Relief Advocates, we fight on your behalf for the best possible tax resolution. Our team of experts are committed to developing a personalized strategy that will help you resolve the current tax balance and avoid trouble in the future.

Whether you need help with tax audits, reducing your tax debt, or preventing wage garnishments and bank levies, our team of tax relief experts and attorneys will assist you with your tax resolution needs. With our proven three-step process and years of combined experience, we will effectively determine your eligibility for various IRS debt forgiveness programs and will help you negotiate the settlement of your tax debts for significantly less than you owe.


How Can Tax Relief

Advocates Help You?

US tax laws can be extremely confusing for the average citizen. As a result, millions of Americans each year find themselves in a situation where they owe the IRS more than they can afford, leaving them with significant debts and uncertain how to obtain IRS debt forgiveness.
If you find yourself facing large tax debt, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has the authority to seize your home, empty your bank accounts, and garnish your wages, leaving many citizens with one of two options: pay the amount in full or pay it back over time incurring additional charges in the form of high-interest rates and penalties.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.
At Tax Relief Advocates, our committed team of tax specialists are always on your side. We will assist you in navigating the complex world of tax laws to help you get the peace of mind you deserve. We have the knowledge and experience required to provide you with comprehensive tax resolution options for all of your tax-related needs.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you in understanding your tax relief options.

A Unique Approach to

Tax Resolution

Are you looking for professional tax resolution? Is searching for help making you feel defeated and overwhelmed?

At Tax Relief Advocates, we help our customers find personalized tax relief in three easy steps:



During the free consultation with one of our experts, we will discuss the details of the tax debt, review any communications that have occurred with the IRS and gather relevant information to begin the assessment. ​



After the consultation you will be presented with a plan of action. The work will begin with notification being to the tax authorities that you are now being represented by a professional tax relief attorney. Our dedicated team will research and compare debt forgiveness programs that you may be eligible for.



After we’ve gathered the necessary information and compiled a list of comprehensive tax resolution options that are best suited for your circumstance. Our tax experts will help you start the process of obtaining debt forgiveness and negotiate with the IRS and state taxing authorities to resolve your tax debt.

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Dealing with the IRS on your own can be overwhelming and intimidating. At Tax Relief Advocates, we communicate directly with the IRS to assist you with all of your tax resolution needs. Our team of tax relief experts and attorneys have years of experience and the highest level of tax knowledge to guide you safely, ethically, and confidently into a more secure financial position.


Whether you need help in negotiating tax liability, representation during a tax audit, or assistance in preparing for a potential tax burden in the future, our team of specialized, licensed tax resolution professionals provide compassion, commitment, and unrivaled customer service, allowing you to focus on what matters most to you. Don’t put off dealing with your tax issues for another minute. Our tax relief specialists are here to answer your questions and give you the peace of mind that you deserve. With our tax resolution experts on your side, you can rest easy.

Contact Tax Relief Advocates at 800-388-3664 today to speak with one of our tax resolution experts about how we can assist you.


Tax Relief Advocates

Tax Relief Options

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  • Based on the information you’ve provided, there are a variety of tax debt relief options that could, not only provide immediate relief to stop or prevent IRS enforcement action – but also to help you resolve taxes for much less than currently owed.

"Individuals and businesses who owe the IRS back taxes, have a variety of taxpayer relief options available to them." –TRAToday.com

Do You Need

Tax Relief?

"Individuals and businesses who owe the IRS back taxes, have a variety of taxpayer relief options available to them." –TRAToday.com

What is

Tax Relief ?

Falling behind on tax payments to the IRS is something that millions of Americans have dealt with at one time or another. Owing money to the IRS can be very intimidating, and if you are in this position don’t worry and definitely don’t lose hope – there is tax relief available with Tax Relief Advocates, your local tax resolution experts in Irvine, CA.

A reputable tax relief company can help you reach an IRS debt forgiveness program with the IRS. Using proven strategies we, at Tax Relief Advocates, can assist you through tax audits, help reduce your tax debt, stop wage garnishments and bank levies from happening. In some cases, we may be able to help you settle your tax debts for much less than what is originally owed. We, your tax relief experts, are available to be your dedicated advocate to save you the most money.





Tons of People
Get Tax Relief

The tax codes are EXTREMELY confusing. So many Americans end up in a situation where they owe more to the IRS than they can afford. Many people end up with LARGE debts to the IRS and do not get IRS debt forgivness. The IRS is the world’s most powerful collection agency. If you are in this situation, they can do some terrifying things like take your home, empty your bank accounts, garnish your wages, and many other things that no other collection agency can do.
Your options often look something like this: pay the amount in full, or, pay it back over time with high interest and penalties. There is another option!


Tax Relief May Be
The Best Option

We have a three-phase tax relief program that shows better results than any other firm in the industry. This is how we do it:
Consultation phase - Free consultation
Investigation phase - Investigate the problems and relieve any temporary headaches
Resolution phase - Prepare you for any IRS Debt Forgiveness Programs with the best possible outcome and prevent any future headaches
And the best part is we LOVE doing this. We are real human beings, who enjoy helping other human beings when they are most in need of relief. So if you’re worried, overwhelmed, or stressed, and don’t know what to do, today.

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