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Tax Relief Affiliate Program

Become a TRA affiliate today and you can earn money being a part of the fastest growing  tax debt company in America. With competitive CPAs, high conversion rates, and the ability to run traffic 24/7, see why so many are trying to work with us.

Ways to Make Money with TRA Affiliate Programs

Offering a wide range of pay out flexibility, check out the various ways you and your company can make money through our affiliate program.

Pay Per Lead (Cost Per Lead, CPL)

Businesses survive off leads. This is why leads are the holy grail of an affiliate program. However, not all leads are created equal. By working with our affiliate team and managers, we will lay out the quality KPIs we look for as well as the range of payouts you can earn by hitting them. In order to help you get the most out of your leads we offer transparent reporting.

Pay Per Call

Run call traffic? Perfect! We take that too. In fact, we love qualified phone calls as they take the consumer further down our funnel and are more likely to result in a conversion once they get on with one of our sales representatives.

Rev Share

We know that everyone is different and that they prefer a performance driven incentive. Which is why we offer a rev share model for those affiliates and companies who view this more as a partnership than a transaction.

Discover the value of partnering with us

Why Become an Affiliate for Tax Relief Advocates?

With all that’s been said, why become an affiliate with TRA? It’s true, the company has a lot to offer, but what may be even more important is the way TRA offers it.

High Visitor to Conversion Ratio

We don’t send people through a lot of changes when they come to us, and we give them a free consultation. Our debt self-assessment takes less than a minute to complete. That allows potential clients to get on with the business of looking for help and contacting us. Our debt program partner fees are low, and we give great service. Anyone who researches TRA can see our five-star ratings and customer testimonials. For an affiliate this means you get the most out of the traffic you send to us. We turn visitors into customers, and that means more money for you.


With more than 1,500 five-star reviews (and counting!) on Google, TRA has a stellar reputation. You know that when you send us your leads, they will be taken care of. Not only that, but having your leads see that level of reviews helps give them trust and confidence when working with us. Increasing your conversion rates and, ultimately, your payouts.

Customized Reporting Dashboard

It’s easy to sign-up with us and become an affiliate. Once you do, you’ll see our Reporting Dashboard and other tools that make it easy to see how you’re doing. Affiliates who send us conversions directly to our landing page can check on their clicks, conversions, revenues, and other metrics in real-time, while we provide our API affiliates with weekly reporting or upon request. We keep you up to date with full transparency. We like having affiliates, and we want you to like working with us.

FAQ’s about Affiliate Programs

We allow almost all traffic sources, but we see the most success from Email, Social, Native, Host & Post, and Display. Please talk to one of our partnership team for more info.

We are Nationwide!

Custom payment terms per Affiliate. 

  • Lead has more than $10K in Tax Debt.
  • Lead is age 18+
  • Lead successfully submits their contact info (FN, LN, phone, email).
We have ready-to-go creatives in Everflow. However, we strongly encourage our partners to submit custom copy/creatives as they know their audiences the best. Any custom creatives will still need to be reviewed and approved prior to use.

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